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Feel free to read on some helpful articles regarding medications and health care.

Preventing Medication Errors Effectively

Medication errors are mistakes in prescribing, dispensing, and giving medications. These errors cause injuries to hundreds of thousands of people in America every year. The good thing is that medication errors can definitely be prevented. Our pharmacy services in New Jersey abide by the recommended ways to prevent medication mistakes and errors. At the individual … Continue reading

Advantages of Getting Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring or telemedicine uses digital technology to collect health data or any medical information of a person. A medical professional will handle the data to be interpreted for assessment and recommendations of treatment or medicines. If patients need quality medical supplies in Lodi, New Jersey, they can check it from the experts. When … Continue reading

Essential Vitamins That Our Body Needs

We all want to stay healthy and active even in our golden years. Aside from pursuing a healthy lifestyle, taking vitamins is also one of the factors that can help us keep up with our daily nutritional needs. Vitamins play a vital role in improving our body functions like growing tissues, regulating metabolism, and maintaining … Continue reading

Guard Your Family Against Fraudulent Flu Products

The flu season has become alarming, considering the challenges we are facing right now with COVID-19. The pandemic has and will still bring out the best and worst in people. The latter may take in the form of dishonest sellers promoting fraudulent anti-flu products to consumers. Hence, double-check the seller, distributor, and manufacturer before purchasing … Continue reading

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Guarding Your Kidneys Against Pills’ Harmful Effects

There are a lot of medications that harm the kidneys. People who have chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes must especially take precautions when using certain medicines such as those for high blood pressure. Safe ways must always be taken to protect your kidneys from the possible dangers these medicines can cause. The … Continue reading

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Kids and Vaccines: What, When, and Where

Caring for the family means caring for everyone. Every member has their own needs. Each one may check out pharmacy services in New Jersey for a variety of reasons. EssexCare Pharmacy inclusive care means providing medical supplies in Lodi, New Jersey the family may need at any time. We aim to be your go-to provider of surgical supplies. We make purchasing … Continue reading

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