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3 Facts About Generic Medications

image of the senior woman buying some medicines
There are two different kinds of medications available to us. We can opt for brand name drugs or we can choose the much more affordable generic alternative. Generic drugs are something that we see on a day-to-day basis and they may even be something you are currently taking. They can be particularly helpful due to their cost, especially for individuals that have long-term conditions where brand name drugs are just not practical. However, are they safe to use? And why are they so affordable?
Here are three facts you should know about generic drugs:
  1. Why Are They So Affordable?
    • One of the first questions that may come to your mind when you are looking for generic medical supplies in New Jersey is why they are so cheap. The answer is actually quite simple. They are affordable because they do not have to go through an expensive research and development process. When pharmaceutical companies develop new drugs, they spend a fortune in R&D. In order for these companies to make a profit and recoup their investments, they need to charge extra. This is a process that generic medications can skip entirely.
  2. Are Generic Medications Safe?
    • Typically, products that are cheaper than their brand name alternatives are inferior but when it comes down to medications, this is not true. Our country has very strict laws and regulations regarding medications and their safety. This means generic drugs go through the same regulations as their brand name counterparts. And in many cases, they are safer than their more pricey cousins.
  3. Are They Effective?
    • If generic medications are so affordable, how can they be more effective than brand name medicine? Well, it is actually required by law for generic drugs to be just as good as or better than their brand name counterparts. This means you can save a fortune and receive a product that is just as good. We can also help you find the best generics through our personalized pharmacy services in Lodi, New Jersey.
The next time you need to fill a prescription, keep in mind generic options. Talk to your doctor and pharmacist for the best medications and to make sure if it is right for you. If you know someone who is currently taking brand name drugs, share this blog with them today. EssexCare Pharmacy is here to help you have access to the products you need, without having to spend a fortune in the process. We also offer many different kinds of products including surgical supplies.
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