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Understanding Flu Vaccines for Seniors

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Influenza can affect any person of any age. Yet, some people can easily develop complications more than any other age group. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), senior individuals can acquire complications quickly when they get the flu. These complications include respiratory problems such as pneumonia.
Because of this fact, we should all the more be proactive in endorsing flu vaccinations to our loved ones, both seniors and younger ones alike. Pharmacists that provide pharmacy services in Lodi, New Jersey can also give answers to your questions on flu vaccines if you have any.
So, what do we need to know about flu vaccines for our aging loved ones? Read along.
  • Protection
    • Flu immunization is your loved one’s best protection from the flu. As mentioned earlier, older adults can get more health complications if they acquire the flu. Because flu viruses are there the whole year round, our aging loved ones are also at risk of having flu anytime. Yet, when they get flu shots for the year, the flu viruses cannot infect them in the worse possible way.
  • Updated Vaccines
    • The CDC also says that the flu virus changes every year. For this reason, flu vaccines are also updated every year in order to keep up with the present strain of the flu virus. The updated vaccines help ensure that your loved one’s protection is also up-to-date. Coordinate with the pharmacy that also provides medical supplies in New Jersey. They can answer questions about immunizations.
  • Weaker Immune System
    • The elderly population tends to have a weaker immune system as compared to when they were younger. Because of this low immunity, they are at risk of any illness including flu. A weak immune system puts them at an even greater need for flu shots.
  • Vaccine Types
    • For persons aged 65 and above, their flu vaccines are grouped into two types, namely:
      • High Dose
        • This type of vaccine is considered as high dose because its antigen is 4x more than the amount of regular shot. The higher antigen amount is intended for individuals who have a lower immune system, the senior persons included. However, it is still important that before you get this vaccine, you get a referral from your physician or pharmacist.
      • Adjuvanted
        • The other type of flu vaccine for seniors is one with an added adjuvant called MF59. This additive is expected to create a stronger immunity for the patient. According to the CDC, adjuvants are important for seniors because it promotes a stronger immune system. This additive also reduces the virus needed for the vaccine, allowing more manufacturing of the vaccine.
When it comes to ensuring the health and wellness of your loved ones, consider us as your partner at EssexCare Pharmacy. Whether your needs are for vaccinations, medications, or other surgical supplies, we will be here to help you. Let us provide the healthcare supplies you need.
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