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First Aid Kit: Importance and Must-Have Items

image of a first aid kit in a red bag
Health emergencies could happen anytime; it’s wise to be prepared. Setting up safety measures at home is the first step. It also helps to have a comprehensive first aid kit with all the essential medical supplies in Lodi, New Jersey.

Why is it a must to have a first aid kit?

You must be able to respond to health emergencies at home promptly. And with a first aid kit, you can do this and more. You can prevent minor injuries from getting worst. Also, you can avoid trips to the hospital with the right first aid items, medical skills, and surgical supplies at home. During dire situations, your emergency response quality at home could save lives, especially while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

What are the essential supplies you should have?

Knowing that having a first aid kit could be life-saving, be sure to have a comprehensive kit at home. The common health issues that you should prepare for are burns, allergic reactions, minor cuts and wounds, flu, and scrapes. Avail of pharmacy services in New Jersey and make sure your kit has the following supplies:

  • Latex gloves, safety pins, instant cold packs
  • Thermometer, blanket, scissors, medicine spoon, tweezers
  • Hand sanitizer, gauze, alcohol wipes
  • Antihistamine, anti-diarrhea, nasal decongestant, anti-nausea
  • Antibiotic ointment, hydrocortisone cream, and lotion for skin rashes and itch
  • Bandages and wound dressings (e.g., adhesive tape, gauze roll, eye pads, swabs, elastic bandages, cotton balls, sterile gauze pads)
With these supplies, you can address common health issues at home effectively. If you’re living in New Jersey and are now looking to buy these supplies, visit EssexCare Pharmacy for top-notch medical supplies.
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