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Properly Managing Medication Risks

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Studies show that medication risk management (MRM), wherein pharmacists intensively review complex medication regimens for safety, is more effective than medication therapy management (MTM), where medication is reviewed for drug-drug interactions. Our pharmacy services in New Jersey are inclined to MRM as well.
Medication therapy management (MTM) can boost adherence but is limited in terms of reducing adverse drug events. This is because MTM-based drug interaction screens used in healthcare systems are limited to viewing one drug versus another. For simple regimens, this can work but for patients on a wide array of medications, MTM might not be enough. Medication risk management (MRM), on the other hand, reviews the different drug interactions that are likely to come up in a particular patient, the patient’s biggest risk factors, and the first steps to take to reduce the risk of adverse drug events. This can provide appropriate interventions such as changing the time of drug administration or substituting or de-prescribing one agent or two. In addition to this, surgical supplies used by each patient is assessed and re-assessed to meet the complexities of his or her medication regimen.
Medication and treatment are multifaceted topics that are quite essential to go over with your pharmacist to assure a one hundred percent outcome. For your pharmacy and medication queries, contact EssexCare Pharmacy at 201-368-3333 | 201-368-3334. Aside from consultation, we also provide over-the-counter drugs and medical supplies in Lodi, New Jersey with free delivery. Experience the true prestige of Hackensack Hospital neighborhood.
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