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Health Horizons: A Prescription for Smooth


Traveling is a great adventure, but it can also present particular obstacles for people with chronic diseases or regular prescription regimes. As you embark on your next holiday, EssexCare Pharmacy provides invaluable guidance on how to travel with prescriptions while keeping your health as a top concern.

Begin your travel planning by gathering your prescriptions. Pack enough for the duration of your vacation, plus a little more in case of unexpected delays. To prevent loss, keep medications in their original container with clear labels and store them in your carry-on bag.

Security checks can be stressful, but prior planning can make the procedure go more smoothly. Keep a copy of your prescription drugs or a doctor’s letter detailing your medical condition and the need for medications with you at all times. Inform security officers in advance and, if necessary, request a private screening. Understand the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) standards for traveling with medications.

If your travels will take you across many time zones, consult with your pharmacist to develop a schedule that corresponds to the time zone of your destination. Your pharmacist can advise you on how to change your medication schedule to minimize disturbances to your daily routine.

Check with your location to see if any vaccines are required. Our pharmacy in Lodi, New Jersey provides comprehensive immunization services to ensure you are up to date on required immunizations, allowing you to stay healthy and in compliance with travel laws.

EssexCare Pharmacy, conveniently located in Lodi, invites you to experience the difference of a retail pharmacy in New Jersey that values your well-being.

We are your health partner, committed to providing superior pharmacy services in New Jersey and beyond. Come see us today!


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