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Common Misconceptions About Medications

image of adult lady lying in the table with her medicines
To save time and for convenience, people would often stick to “facts” about prescription drugs that have either been passed down from family members, the internet, or from who knows where. However, how can people be certain that what they know is trustworthy? More importantly, how can they ensure their safety?
Here at EssexCare Pharmacy, part of our goal as a premier provider of pharmacy services in New Jersey is to safeguard the community we serve by supplying high-quality medication and reliable information. With this, here are common misconceptions about medications and the facts behind them:
  • Myth 1: Once you feel better, you don’t have to keep taking medication.
    • Stopping your medication too soon can increase your chances of relapsing into illness. Should you experience unpleasant side effects or are financially struggling to keep up with the said medication, make use of a pharmacist consultation so you can maximize your options.
  • Myth 2: Natural supplements are always a safe choice.
    • Natural supplements may appear to be safer and healthier options due to the word “natural”. But the word “natural” does not necessarily equal being safe.
  • Myth 3: It doesn’t matter how you swallow a pill as long as it gets where it needs to go.
    • Changing the size or composition of the pill on purpose may influence how your system digests it and how well it works for you. If you have difficulty swallowing entire tablets, consult your doctor or pharmacist.
If you have further questions, our retail pharmacy in Lodi, New Jersey, would gladly assist you!
Apart from these, you may also avail of dependable DME with us! Let’s get in touch!
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