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How Can a Pharmacist Help with Your Medications

How Can a Pharmacist Help with Your Medications

Every one of us needs to remember that pharmacists are part of our healthcare team. We visit our primary physicians for checkups. Afterward, we take our prescriptions to a provider of pharmacy services in Lodi, New Jersey. This flow of services makes them an essential part of our health management.

Yet, more than dispensing medications, pharmacists can also guide us with a lot of matters regarding prescriptions or over-the-counter (OTC) medications. So, we encourage you to talk with the pharmacist each time you drop by a pharmacy.

What matters can the pharmacist help you with?

  • Medication Changes
    If you have enrolled in a pharmacy’s automatic refill system, they will have your medical records in their database. So when your doctor makes changes with your regular prescriptions, the pharmacists will also know about it. Ensure that you ask them if there are any changes, and if so, get their explanation on what these are.
  • Discontinued Medicines
    Your pharmacist can also guide you in understanding which medicines you should still take or discontinue. Even if these medicines are prescribed, they can advise you with valid reasons why such prescriptions have been discontinued.
  • Intake Procedure
    Pharmacists can also supply you with knowledge on how you should take the medicine. There are different methods of taking meds, and the most common one is through oral means. Other ways include being applied on the skin, inserted through the veins, or inhaled. If your medicine also comes with medical supplies in New Jersey, the pharmacist can also advise you on which supply is best to use.
  • Medication Monitoring
    The pharmacists can also help you implement proper monitoring as to whether you have taken your medications on time or not. They can answer questions about how long the medicine will work or what side effects you should watch out for.
  • Follow-up Check
    In some cases, doctors will give prescriptions that also require follow-up checks. They will encourage you to request a schedule for these follow-up appointments. The pharmacist can also inform you about signs to note if ever you need to visit the doctor before the agreed schedule.
  • Personal Practice
    Meeting our medication goals can be confusing, especially if the patient is a senior or if there are many medicines to take. If you’re feeling confused about your medicines, ask the pharmacist for clarification. They can give you insight as to how you can carry out other healthy practices that improve your medication management.

Final thoughts:

If you haven’t had a pharmacist consultation, try doing it on your next visit to the pharmacy nearest you. Even if you’re just going to get surgical supplies, the pharmacists can give helpful answers to your questions related to medications and medical supplies. So if you have these kinds of concerns, call us at EssexCare Pharmacy for more assistance.

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