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How Can You Avoid Double Dosing?

How Can You Avoid Double Dosing?

Double dosing can happen in several ways. Commonly, it occurs when you forget having already taken your dose. Other times, it happens when two of your pills contain a similar ingredient. Double dosing is a bad thing because it can put you at an increased risk for unwanted side effects. To prevent it, EssexCare Pharmacy suggests the following:

  • Create a plan of action.
    What are the instances that lead you to take more than your dose? Identify those triggers and find a way to counter them. For added efficiency, you can also add the action of taking medicine into your daily habit.
  • Start a log.
    People use a to-do list to make sure they don’t forget anything important. If that approach has been a success through the years, why not apply it with how you take your medicine? By keeping an updated log of what pills you have already taken, double dosing is prevented.
  • Use a pill organizer.
    This might be an old school method, but it works just as well. Pill organizers come in all shapes and sizes. Each of them contains little partitions where you can store your medicine. With this device, you can sort your pills ahead of time. This will then prevent you from taking more than your intended dose. (You can buy a pill organizer and other medical supplies in New Jersey from our pharmacy!)
  • Consult a pharmacist.
    Double dosing is often done on accident. While it brings a lot of unwanted effects, avoiding it is quite easy. For the best solution, make use of our pharmacy services in Lodi, New Jersey. Our pharmacists will make medication management a lot easier for you. We can also offer you counseling on other related matters. Call us now.
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