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Should You Use Someone Else’s Prescription?

Should You Use Someone Else’s Prescription?

It seems to be a practical choice. After all, why spend more money when you can just share your meds with the whole family, right? Wrong!

Using someone else’s prescription― even if you have a similar diagnosis is a big NO. EssexCare Pharmacy explains this in three points:

  1. You might not fully understand the drug’s intended purpose.
    Yes, the label says what the drug is for, but you have to understand different pills work in different ways to achieve the same result. (This goes for medical supplies in New Jersey as well. It’s always wiser to consult a doctor or pharmacist before making a purchase.)
  2. You might not be aware of the drug’s potential side effects.
    Your own body chemistry is unique. Even though the potential side effects of a drug are listed on the label, it can react differently to you.
  3. You might not know how the drug can interact with the medications you take.
    Certain drugs can either counter or negate each other’s abilities. Other times, they can also cause harmful effects on your body. Be safe and ask your doctor for the right prescription instead. What you see as a penny-pinching method now might cost you more in hospital bills later.

The conclusion?

Don’t use another person’s prescription for your own safety’s sake. Prescriptions are given by doctors with your medical history in mind. They consider your age, lifestyle, and current prescriptions. Without these factors in check, the medicine you take might worsen your health.

If you want to save more money, you can always opt for the generic version of your pills. It is much cheaper, yet just as effective. Make use of our pharmacy services in Lodi, New Jersey. We can help you find alternatives for your medication.

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