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Benefits of Child Vaccinations


Protecting your child and ensuring their safety are top priorities for parents. There are several ways to keep them safe, from car seats to baby gates. But did you know immunizations are one of the best ways to ensure they stay healthy all year round? Read more below:

  • It can save your child’s life

    Keeping your kids safe and protected against any disease is through vaccinations. Vaccines save thousands of lives and safeguard kids from life-threatening diseases like polio. Visit your nearest retail pharmacy in New Jersey and learn more about the immunizations they offer.

  • It is safe and effective

    Vaccines underwent careful review by scientists, doctors, and healthcare professionals. It may cause some discomfort, pain, and redness but it is a minimal side effect compared to the pain of the diseases it prevents. Serious side effects like severe allergic reactions are rare, making vaccines a safe and effective option for your little ones.

  • It protects the whole family

    A vaccinated child can go to schools or childcare facilities freely and go to family vaccinations without family members fearing they will get sick. They won’t catch colds or viruses easily, especially if one of the family members gets sick. Pharmacy services in New Jersey cover immunizations to help the whole family remain healthy against the threat of illnesses/diseases.

EssexCare Pharmacy offers for flu shots, varicella, MMR, DTP, and more. As a pharmacy in Lodi, New Jersey, ensuring your well-being is one of our responsibilities. So, when you are tired of dealing with chain drugstores and are looking for affordable medical supplies, we have your needs covered! Contact us today for more information about how we can help!

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