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Storing Prescription Drugs Safely


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), parents and caregivers are less vigilant when it comes to storing prescription drugs safely. Most medications are unsecured, stacked on countertops, or tucked into purses and coat pockets. Below are some ways to keep medications safe and ensure safety!

  • Store in hard-to-reach cabinets

    After buying your prescriptions from a retail pharmacy in New Jersey, find a high and hidden spot or hard-to-reach area where you can store them properly and safely. Some areas may include an upper kitchen, on top of the refrigerator, kitchen cupboards, and bathroom cabinets. Ensure these areas are not in warm conditions and have a steady temperature and low humidity.

  • Don’t leave pills or supplements anywhere

    With young children in the house, any medication-related accident can happen. Keep medicines away from communal areas and in plain view. Set a reminder or use a medicine log to stick to your daily regimen to ensure medication adherence. Designate a medicine cabinet and keep supplements all in one place!

  • Share the responsibility

    Let the whole family know about the medications anyone is taking at home. Storing medications is collaborative work. Don’t forget to ask your pharmacist anything about pharmacy services in New Jersey before starting a medication routine for anyone in the family.

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