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Tag Archives: Healthcare Provider

doctor checking blood pressure of a patient

High Blood Pressure: How to Beat this Silent Killer

Heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of death in the US. The risk of its occurrence among individuals is increased by high blood pressure. It usually shows no warnings, making it a silent killer. Millions of adults in the country have high...

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prescribing a medicines

Advantages of Getting Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring or telemedicine uses digital technology to collect health data or any medical information of a person. A medical professional will handle the data to be interpreted for assessment and recommendations of treatment or medicine...

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Essential Vitamins That Our Body Needs

We all want to stay healthy and active even in our golden years. Aside from pursuing a healthy lifestyle, taking vitamins is also one of the factors that can help us keep up with our daily nutritional needs. Vitamins play a vital role in improving ou...

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image of senior customer buying some medicine

Should You Use Someone Else’s Prescription?

It seems to be a practical choice. After all, why spend more money when you can just share your meds with the whole family, right? Wrong! Using someone else’s prescription― even if you have a similar diagnosis is a big NO. EssexCare Pharmacy expl...

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image og pharmacist explaining the medicine to the customer

How to Choose the Right Pharmacy

When looking for a pharmacy to help with your health and wellness journey, not just any establishment will do. There are a ton of factors to consider, most of which will center on your needs and the needs of your family members. EssexCare Pharmacy de...

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image of senior woman holding a glass of milk

5 Vital Nutrients Seniors Need and Might Be Missing

Our bodies become less the well-oiled machines they are as we grow older. Though our nutrient needs don’t change, our caloric needs decline. Every calorie we take should be nutrient-dense. One way we can make up for that is by taking dietary supple...

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