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Prescriptions: 7 Tips for Safe Use

image of the pharmacist give tips to the customer
Have you been given prescriptions for your or your family member’s illness? In contrast with over-the-counter medicines, prescriptions are the ones that need the doctor’s written note or prescription. These medications cannot be easily made available to the patient unless the doctor specifically advises so. This means that prescriptions are the more serious level of medications.
When we provide pharmacy services in Lodi, New Jersey, we also see to it that our patients are able to maximize the full potency of the medicine they’re taking. Prescriptions need to be taken safely as they can result in major health complications when adhered to improperly.
Let us share with you this set of helpful tips on how you can safely use a prescribed medicine:
  1. Always follow what the doctor instructed in the prescription form
    • Get the exact medicine, including its name, weight, and type, and take it in the way the doctor prescribes. If the medicine ought to be taken orally, then do so, in compliance with what the doctor says. Not adhering can lead to further complications.
  2. Ensure that your list of medications is all updated
    • If you still haven’t kept a list of something like this, it’s ideal to start having one today. This list can help your physician evaluate the medicine’s effectiveness and see if they will not have any adverse reaction to your past and current medications.
  3. Take time to read the labels posted on the medicine’s bottle
    • This label includes sufficient information about the medicine, including the instruction for intake and potential side effects. By reading, you’re helping yourself to follow exactly what the label says.
  4. Feel free to ask your doctor or your pharmacist providing medical supplies in New Jersey
    • Whenever something uncertain about your prescription springs up, your health care team is able to provide you with relevant answers regarding your prescribed medicines.
  5. Implement proper storage of your medicines
    • Ensure that children and your pets will not have a way of reaching these medicines since these are securely stored. Children or pets may take these meds unexpectedly which can result to even more problematic health issues.
  6. Organize your medications properly which you can also achieve using pill organizers
    • When your pills are properly arranged and allotted for a particular day and time, you will not go through the risk of possibly taking the same medicine beyond what’s required. Forgetfulness can result in this, but organizing can resolve this dilemma.
  7. It’s strictly not allowed to share your prescription with another patient even if you claim that you have the same condition
    • Every person is unique, and so do their medical needs. What’s effective for one patient doesn’t necessarily mean it’s effective for another. It’s safest to follow the doctor’s advice.
At EssexCare Pharmacy, we help you ensure that the medicines or surgical supplies you receive comply with your doctor’s prescriptions. Whenever you’re in doubt, you can always ask our friendly pharmacists.
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