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How Immunization Can Save Your Life

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Parents always look out for the welfare and best conditions of their little ones, especially when the child’s health comes into play. Good thing, there’s immunization so that parents can implement preventive measures for the child and that they will not acquire vaccine-preventable diseases which can quickly complicate in their vulnerable age.
Exactly how life-saving and beneficial really is immunization? As a key provider of pharmacy services in Lodi, New Jersey, let us help you delve into a deeper understanding on what immunization is about, particularly on how they can benefit not only your child but also your own life. Read on.
  • Protection from Diseases
    • Looking back in history, there had been illnesses (e.g. polio) that became an epidemic but were eventually resolved through immunizing the next generation. Using vaccines, or the milder version of the illnesses’ viruses injected into an infant, the body’s immune system is “taught” to get familiar with that virus’s strain as an enemy and to fight it immediately. When this particular virus strain is stored in the infant’s body memory, they cannot harm the child even when the stronger viruses come in.
  • Ensures Safety and Effectiveness
    • Since vaccines are considered part of the medical supplies in New Jersey, they don’t get displayed in the market for public use unless they’re thoroughly tested, screened, and approved by necessary authorities. Hence, when vaccines are already provided or prescribed to your family member, it means that such a vaccine is already proven safe and effective to use.
  • Protection of the Family and Community
    • As previously mentioned, the issue of an epidemic is a major concern not just in a community, but even in the whole country. Epidemics can be prevented when no one has contracted the virus at all. When a child is properly immunized, the virus will not be able to infect them, which means that they can’t infect their family members and the rest of the community.
  • Saves on Finances
    • Immunization keeps you and your family member from acquiring the illness, which can be an even more expensive occurrence due to hospitalization, doctor’s fee, medications, and the possibility of re-hospitalization, among others. In the case of flu, for instance, where it’s advisable to re-administer the vaccine every year, the cost is higher when you need to pay for hospital and medication bills repeatedly in a year than when you have a vaccine once in that same year.
  • Preserving the Future
    • When one generation is immunized for a particular illness, there’s a great possibility that the same illness can no longer pass over to the next generation. If ever some exemptions come, they will not arrive at a very alarming rate in the scale of an epidemic.
How updated is your family’s immunization? At EssexCare Pharmacy, we help you take care of these concerns. Ask us about how we can meet your immunization concerns and our friendly pharmacists will be glad to accommodate your inquiries. On surgical supplies, feel free to inquire as well.
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