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Things to Know About Managing Prescription Medication

managing prescription medication
Older adults tend to have several prescription medications to take note of. They get their medicines from quality pharmacy services in Lodi, New Jersey. The elderly patient should know what reactions with your drugs to other prescriptions. A pharmacist can provide a recommendation for an alternative.
Even with alternatives, senior patients will have to follow a schedule or a routine to avoid forgetting a dose. When they need medical supplies in New Jersey that support their prescription, someone should look over their purchase. Keeping an eye on the doctor’s recommendation about the dosage avoid complications.
Here are some of the tips to manage prescription medicines:
  • Keep a list of medicines and the recommended dosage
  • Give a copy to your doctor and your family
  • Ensure to follow the dosage
  • Stop taking medicine if it provides allergic reactions and report it to your doctor immediately
  • Be sure to store your medications in a safe, cool, and dry place
Aside from medicines, surgical supplies are also included in the product line of EssexCare Pharmacy. If you need a reliable source of medications and supplies for medical issues, feel free to send us a message.
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