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Our Role as a Pharmacy in Diabetes Care

our-role-as-a-pharmacy-in-diabetes-carePeople with diabetes and those who are at risk of getting it benefits greatly from the services provided by pharmacies. In reality, around the globe in recent years, the importance of pharmacists in the multidisciplinary approach to diabetes care has increased. EssexCare Pharmacy is your reliable Retail Pharmacy in Lodi, New Jersey.

Our pharmacists and other staff members interact with diabetic patients more regularly than other healthcare providers allowing them to identify those who are still suffering from the disease and send them for a diabetes test. We also provide Diabetic Supplies.

We provide Pharmacist Consultation that can cater to patients’ inquiries regarding diabetes and other medical issues. We provide instructions on how to utilize the equipment and drugs that are used to treat diabetes.

Reduce the chances of complications by seeking medical advice as soon as possible. To assist those who have diabetes in managing their disease and avoiding these complications, we provide a variety of products. You can also avail of DME.

We encourage customers to get their risk for diabetes evaluated. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can also inquire to learn more about our Pharmacy Services in New Jersey.

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