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5 Tips to Help You Be Surgery Ready

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Going through surgery soon? Apart from our exceptional pharmacy services in Lodi, New Jersey, we’re also adept in giving very helpful tips for a safer, more comfortable and faster recovery from whatever procedure you have to undergo.
Here are helpful tips to prepare you before that scheduled surgical operation.
  1. Get to know the medical team who will be doing the surgery.
    • It’s definitely okay to be “nosy” about your upcoming surgery. After all, it’s your health, and possibly even your life, that’s at stake. Talk to your medical team about your condition, the risks, the anesthesia you’re getting, your comfort and care during and after the operation, possible complications, and expected time frame of recovery.
  2. Tell your healthcare provider about your medical history.
    • It’s important that you talk to them about what medications and supplements you’ve been taking, allergies to certain ones like antibiotics or if anyone in the family had an adverse reaction to anesthesia. These things could become complications during and after your procedure. Example, blood thinners and some supplements like ginseng and ginkgo biloba raise your chances of bleeding more while others could cause blood clots.
    • If you’re residing in New Jersey, consider including the reliable pharmacists from EssexCare Pharmacy in your after-surgery care team.
  3. Prepare whatever surgical supplies, medical provisions, and medications you might need post-surgery at home in advance.
    • Whether these would be for incision care or for other special needs, ask your doctor about what supplies and equipment you’ll need at home after your operation. You can also stock up on your post-surgery prescriptions and other medications in advance to save you from possible hassles and headaches taking care of these things while you’re recuperating.
  4. A healthy lifestyle can help you recover from your operation faster.
    • Exercising, eating healthy meals rich in whole foods and low on the processed, sugary and high-in-empty-calories ones, and quitting your vices like smoking two weeks before your scheduled surgery will do you a lot of good.
  5. Get professional help with your care needs after your surgery.
    • Most of your loved ones will gladly pitch in and fill the caregiver’s shoes for you. But it’s great to have a skilled or practical nurse give you skilled nursing care at home. Home care aides are also good for those times your family carer has to be away for work or to give them respite from their caregiving responsibilities.
At EssexCare Pharmacy, we pride ourselves in taking better care of our customers with the services we provide. We can help you with your needs not just with your prescriptions but with supplements, over-the-counter drugs, patient counseling, and medical supplies in New Jersey to name a few. More about our services on our website.
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