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Effects of Vitamin Deficiencies


We need a variety of vitamins to be healthy and at a lower risk of adverse health conditions. For instance, vitamin A is used by the body to maintain our teeth, bones, and skin, among others. Another essential vitamin is vitamin B6, important in maintaining brain function. As part of our patient counseling, we can advise which vitamins you lack or need more.

One should take vitamin deficiency seriously. When our bodies are deficient in the nutrients that specific vitamins provide, we cannot function fully. As a trusted pharmacy in Lodi, New Jersey, we want to share with you some examples of the effects or symptoms of vitamin deficiency:

  • Weakness or fatigue

    Weakness or fatigue may mean you have low levels of vitamins C and B. These vitamins produce energy in your cells. Aside from this, there are other symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency.

  • Slow wound healing

    One important vitamin for wound healing is vitamin C. That is because it absorbs iron and helps maintain healthy tissues. Our pharmacy services in New Jersey can provide you with vitamin C and other essentials for wound care.

  • Weak bones

    Calcium is needed for healthy teeth and bones. Vitamin D, on the other hand, is needed for our body to absorb calcium. These two are essential for strong bones. Our pharmacist consultation can provide you with more information.

EssexCare Pharmacy is a reliable retail pharmacy in New Jersey regarding your vitamin needs. We have a selection of vitamins and food supplements to address your vitamin deficiency problem. 


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