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Treatment for Iron-Deficiency Anemia


When a person has recurring extreme fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, and pale skin, they might have iron deficiency and is anemic. Iron-deficiency anemia happens when there is a decrease in the body’s red blood cells because of too little iron. The body cannot produce enough hemoglobin to carry oxygen to the tissues. It is what causes weakness, tiredness, or being irritable. As a provider of pharmacy services in New Jersey, we have encountered many customers needing treatment to combat anemia.

As the go-to pharmacy in Lodi, New Jersey, we are always willing to help our customers. Here is our advice for those who have iron-deficiency anemia:

  • Eat more iron-rich food

    We advise eating iron-rich food such as beans, tofu, baked potatoes, and cashews, among others, to have the right amount of iron in our bodies. You can add these kinds of food to your daily meals. You can also talk to our pharmacist at our retail pharmacy in New Jersey.

  • Take iron-rich food supplement

    When the symptoms of anemia are severe, we advise talking to your doctor and taking an iron-rich food supplement they might recommend. We have vitamins, food supplements, and other OTC drugs to help with conditions like anemia.

For other concerns about your needed vitamins, food supplements, or prescribed medications, you can always reach us at EssexCare Pharmacy. We also offer diabetic supplies, immunizations, and e-prescribing. Our pharmacist is also available to offer consultations and counseling.


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