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Caring Tips for Your Orthotics

We continue to be your leading medical supplies in New Jersey. At EssexCare Pharmacy, you will find the necessary medication and equipment for your recovery. Depending on the patient’s condition, durable medical equipment, or DME’s can improve th...

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The Value of E-Prescribing Services

EssexCare Pharmacy understands that to deliver valuable care, we must continue to find solutions to our clients’ problems. Good for us, technology has helped humanity address problems and gaps that were left unsolved before. When you talk about pha...

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image of the senior man with the adult lady

Smart Ways to Save On Diabetic Supplies

Managing diabetes can be costly – from doctor visits, medications to purchasing diabetic supplies. For a diabetic person, testing strips, blood glucose monitors, and insulin pens are just some of their necessities. Buying medical supplies in Lodi, ...

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image of a baby having vaccinated

Why It’s Important to Vaccinate Your Child

As a parent, you want to keep your children safe and healthy from life-threatening diseases. You prepare healthy meals, encourage them to exercise, and give them vitamins. However, there is one simple way to protect your child from serious diseases. ...

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Properly Managing Medication Risks

Studies show that medication risk management (MRM), wherein pharmacists intensively review complex medication regimens for safety, is more effective than medication therapy management (MTM), where medication is reviewed for drug-drug interactions. Ou...

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image of a first aid kit in a red bag

First Aid Kit: Importance and Must-Have Items

Health emergencies could happen anytime; it’s wise to be prepared. Setting up safety measures at home is the first step. It also helps to have a comprehensive first aid kit with all the essential medical supplies in Lodi, New Jersey. Why is it a mu...

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